Jun 182011

"Most Handsome Indian Salman Khan''

These men are really top 5 most handsome, hottest, coolest and sexiest men in India and amazing bollywood actors. These men have personality, charisma and art of seducing women. These are also very popular on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. You must write about them and submit their pics to get maximum traffic on your website. Here is the list of these great persons who are being searched on web these days in India:

1) Salman Khan: Salman Khan has superb body, great style, unique life style, very innocent face, big black eyes, awesome talking and dressing style, above all very kind heart. The Dream Man of every women, he is the sexiest male alive in the world. Most beautiful women of the world have been his girlfriends. Salman Khan surely deserves the top place among most handsome men.

2) Hritik Roshan: Hritik Roshan is the most muscular actor of Bollywood. He has a very beautiful green eyes, sharp features, 6 feet height and looks of a real man. Hritik Roshan is also looking very handsome in beard and he surely deserves the second place in the list.

3) John Abraham: With his looks and smile John Abraham can seduce any woman. After movies like “Dostana” and “Newyork” John has become very famous among girls. He has also built a very good physique and dimples on his face only add to his great personality.

4) Saif Ali Khan: Saif Ali Khan has the hottest girlfriend around. It his dressing sense, his D&G sunglasses and his beard which make him look like a real prince.Saif Ali Khan is also becoming very popular as a talented actor of Bollywood.

5) Shahid Kapur: With this chocolaty looks Shahid Kappor is very very popular amongst Indian women. He has a very innocent and charming personality and after “kaminey” he has a got huge popularity.


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  34 Responses to “Top 5 Most Handsome Men in India”

  1. Hritik Roshan dovrebbe essere il primo perche salman khan fa schifo.

  2. gandi si shakal leke mat aai kar kal muhey tere to…………………………………….

  3. where is shahrukh khan

  4. salmankhan handsome person

  5. Hrithik is the awsom guys in the world.

  6. Salman is the most handsome person

  7. Where is ranbir kapoor.

  8. Fu** the salman, he is a joker. Hrithics the best.

  9. What of amitabh bacha

  10. hrithik you are the handsomest of all

  11. salman and ranbeer kapoor is handsome ofall

  12. salman is only the handsome man in India

  13. ye sab jhoot he. . Dr.King Khan-SRK pehle hona chaiye thaa. .

  14. salman khan is the utmost handsome man and none other

  15. bewakufon salman jaisa face hindustan mai to kiya is duniya mai nahi hoga hero jise bolte hen har wo qwality hai uske undar ek din dekh lena garv karega pura hindustan aor hindustan ki har aorat ye dua karegi ki salman jaisa beta mile mujhe real hero salman bhai i love u

  16. I agree!! Salman Khan is really the best!!!^_^

  17. Only salman khan the man with golden heart and most handsome person in the world.I lovn SALMAN KHAN’s being human charity.

  18. ofcourse salman khan is the most handsome man in the planet and also bollywood without salman there is no bollywood.he is the only actor which makes bollywood famous.we luv u a lots sallu ur da bst humanbeing in da world nd no doubt most hansome man.millions of fans alwas wishing u a gud luck.cool dude.

  19. Oliver salman ko baad me gali de yo phele apna face to dekh le sala dog salman is tha dest SRK Is loda

  20. Salman is most handsom man in the world


  21. sharukh khan is the most handsome man in world

  22. Salman is world 7 handsome man to india ka tho 1 handsome man hua na hahahahahahaha

  23. nah only SALMAN deserves to be at first <3 <3

  24. Hritik to sahi hai but salman ko kahan bhool gaye bhai itna smart londa najar nhi aata apko i completely agree with every one whose r in favour of salman apna bhai handsome se yaad aya salman ki dabang 2 bhi super duper hit jane wali hai

  25. The Most handsom in india only 1 salman

  26. .and 2nd i m

  27. Priyanshu chatterjee is the most handsome man in India ..he is tall,sharp featured ,handsome man..there is no match to him……

  28. siddiharth malhotra is the most handsome man in the world

  29. sallu you are the most handsome man of the world & like you there is no one in the world.

  30. pagal saif ka aa gaya is list me. us se handsome to gali ke gkutte hote hai.

  31. Salman is still on number 1…

  32. Gods perfect desig DOES REIGN OVR MAN..GOODNESS…inside and out. HIS NAME IS HIMANSHU SHARAWAT. HOLDING A MASTERS Degree in ENGINEERING. Currently RESIDES In Delhi as a High END Fashion Model for Top Desgn..WHILE ptoducing a film. Very intelligent…loving Eternaly!

  33. Hrithick is the most handsome….. hrithick you are sooo cute….

  34. Shahid kapoor

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