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If you ask any Calcuttan about their favorite cuisine, 8 out of 10 people would inevitably go for Chinese. Well, it’s definitely not that people here do not have any access to other cuisines but because Calcutta has a rich heritage of Chinese cuisine which can be traced back to the late 18th century. In the 18th century, innumerable Chinese families had come to Kolkata in search of jobs and settled in some specific areas of the city—fondly known as the China Towns. Now, among the two China Towns in the city, the one near Tangra is particularly famous for delectable gastronomic delicacies. Let’s have a look at some of the best restaurants therein.

5. Kim Ling:

Located off South Tangra Road, Kim Ling is another gem in that area. A gastronomic paradise, this place serves traditional Chinese food at great rates: a sumptuous meal for two would come around 700 bucks. And, like every restaurants in China Town, they serve alcohol at much cheaper rates than any other non-China Town restaurant. If you’re at here, one of China Town’s oldest restaurant, then do try out their crispy starters, we bet you’ll be craving for more!

4. Golden Joy:

Rated 4/5 on Zomato, this restaurant again offers some delectable traditional Chinese cuisine at awesome prices. Cheaper than the above restaurants, a meal for two here will cost around 700 bucks including taxes but excluding liquor. We know, after seeing the pricing, you might think twice of visiting the restaurant; but do visit, you’ll be mesmerized. The nicely done décor, the ambience and the quality of food make it one of the most sorted after family restaurants in the city. Once you’re there at Golden Joy, you must taste their Sichuan Chowmein—your taste buds will surely crave for more!


3. Big Boss:

Let’s get it straight: one of the main reasons people visit China Town is cheap, authentic Chinese food and even cheaper booze. And, if you want to savor both at an amazing bargain, this is definitely the place to be. If you’re in a group, you can even buy files of alcohol than splurging over small and large pegs. Now, as far as food is considered, Big Boss is one of the most renowned restaurants of the China Town—though nothing like Beijing or Kim Ling. However, you’ll never be dissatisfied and regret your decision if you’re here. Besides, if you’ve to treat a large group of people and you cannot afford to over-splurge, then Big Boss is the best and safest option!

2. Fung Fa:

Located almost beside Science City and the Milan Mela Prangan, this restaurant is located near the entrance of the China Town. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to get into the town, but still want to satiate yourself with some great Chinese food, then Fung Fa is the place to be. We recommend their crispy chicken gravy which is almost like a modified version of the good old chilly chicken. It’s almost a semi dry variety of the same dish with the chicken balls being replaced by extremely crispy chicken balls alongside spicy gravy. Although a bit on the costlier side, you’ll never regret visiting this delectable gastronomic address!

1. Kafulok:

Again another famous address at Tangra, this place is mainly for the middle income group who want to savor good but budget food. But that definitely mean they compromise on their quality! However, this is perhaps one restaurant in that area where bar facility is unavailable. So, if you’re looking for boozing as well, then Kafulok isn’t the place for you. If you’re there, do try out the traditional, regular Chinese dishes—you’ll love them!





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