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Delhi has many places to see because being the national capital and the 3rd largest city of India, Delhi has acquired the position of being India’s political hub since ancient times.

Lal Quila of Delhi (Red Fort in English)

Shah Jahan was the famous Mughal emperor who started and completed the construction of classic Lal Quila in 1639 A.D. This unique fort of Delhi has many types of developments added on after its construction by Shah Jahan. The significant phases of Red Fort’s development were carried on by Emperor Aurangzeb and later Mughal emperors. This famous historical monument lies along the ghats of Yamuna River of Delhi and its northeastern walls are adjacent to another famous fort, the Salimgarh. Purana Quila displays the very high level of ornamental work and art form of Ancient India. After looking at the beautiful engravings and art work, one can estimate that creativity had a special place in the life of people at that time. This famous fort is one of the best tourist attractions in Delhi. Red Fort consists of The Hammam (bathing area), Shah Burj (an octagonal tower), Khas Mahal (emperor’s palace), Diwan-e Khas (hall of private audience), and Rang Mahal (palace of colors) of Mumtaz Mahal. The art work in Red Fort is a mixture of Hindustani (Indian), Persian, and European art which combined together to form the development of unique Shahjahani style of art that is rich in form, expression, and color. Lal Qila has two gates, one called as Lahore Gate and other called as Delhi Gate, for entrance. Like other tourist attractions in Delhi, Red Fort in Delhi attracts millions of travelers around the world to Delhi.

Entry Free: Entry in Red Fort is totally free on Fridays. On all other days, fee is just 10 rupees per Indian National and 150 rupees per foreign national.

Visiting Time: Fort is closed on Mondays and on other days, visiting time in Red Fort is 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Camera Charges: 25 rupees

Mughal Gardens in Delhi

Spread over 13 acres of land in Delhi, Mughal Gardens is amongst the most popular gardens in Delhi. This famous garden is located between President’s House (Rashtrapati Bhawan). The Mughal Garden was initially designed by Sir Edwin Lutynes for Lady Harding in Delhi. This beautiful garden is divided into three sections, long, circular, and rectangular gardens. Mughal Gardens in Delhi is a mixture of British Garden concept and formal Mughal style. The gardens are beautified with Mughal style fountains, terraces, and canals. Mughal Gardens in Delhi have a variety of lovely trees and beautiful flowers including bougainvillea, roses, sweet William, marigold, viscaria, and many more.

Entry Free: Entry in Mughal Gardens is totally free for all.

Visiting Time: It is open on all days except Mondays and opens from 09:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Camera Charges: Nil.

Iskcon Temple in Delhi

Iskcon temple in Sant Nagar, East of Kailash Delhi is devoted to Lord Krishna. It is one of the most lavish and grand temples in Delhi built recently in 1998. Iskon temple is a fine example of modern Indian and Russian art and architecture. This famous temple located at Hari Krishna Hill in Sant Nagar sports “Shikharas” that rise up to 90 feet above ground level. Beautiful paintings by Russian artists depict events and lives of Hindu mythological Gods, Sita-Ram, Radha-Krishna, Laxman, Hanuman, and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. On every Sunday afternoon, special sermons and prayers are held in this temple. This elegant temple is built by the followers of Hare-Rama, Hare-Krishna cult and remains open on all day from 4:30 in morning to 12 p.m. and from 4 in the evening to 9 p.m. There is also a museum located inside the temple where one can learn the philosophy and teachings of Ramayana and Mahabharata with the help of multimedia shows. Bhajans, sermons, and aartis are a regular feature of this highly devotional temple of Lord Krishna. On the eve of Janmashtami (birthday of Lord Krishna), several devotees from Delhi NCR visit this temple. Also, Iskcon temple is famous among foreign nationals who come to spend a vacation in Delhi.

Entry Free: Entry in Iskcon Temple is totally free for all.

Visiting Time: It is open on all days and time mentioned above

Humayun’s Tomb

If you think Humayun’s Tomb looks a bit like the Taj Mahal in Agra, that’s because it was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal’s creation. The tomb was built in 1570, and houses the body of the second Mughal emperor, Humayun. It was the first of this type of Mughal architecture to be built in India, and the Mughal rulers followed it up with an extensive period of construction all over the country. The tomb is part of a greater complex that’s set amongst beautiful gardens.

Entry Free: $5 or 250 rupees. Free for children under 15 years.

Visiting Time: Sunrise until sunset, daily. It’s best viewed in the golden light of the late afternoon.

India Gate

The towering archway of India Gate at the center of New Delhi is a war memorial, built in memory of the Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Army in World War I. At night it glows warmly under floodlights, and the gardens that line its boulevard are a popular place to enjoy a warm summer’s evening.

Entry Free: Free for all.

Visiting Time: Always open.


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