Sep 012011

1.) Make an Apology:- If you have cheated, you should have to make an apology that should really come from deep inside your heart. The fact is that the cheating which you have done, will not be change in any way, so do not try to justify your affair, but instead make an apology and feel guilt of what you have done. You should just try to let your partner know you are really feeling pain of what you done without trying to give much explanation. Let your partner see that you are changed and committed to make a better relationship in the future.

2.) Be Patient:- It is a very challenging task to be patient at this stage. But, if you really want to save your marriage after an affair, you will need to give your partner more space and time to recover from the painful stage. Don’t expect from your partner to get back to normal quickly and don’t expect miracles at this stage, it will definitely take time.

3.) Be Honest:- During healing process, you partner will definitely ask some probing questions and you should be honest without trying to cover yourself because to hide a one lie, you will have to speak many lies in the future. But, it doesn’t mean that you also disclose all the juicy details as well.

4.) Be Cautious:- Healing is a very delicate process and you should be very very cautious with your words and actions. To gain trust, you should also take control of your thoughts, because once the word comes out from your mouth, it can never be taken back.

5.) Be Normal:- Don’t try to over act that you are in deep pain. Be normal, your spouse will automatically come to know about this.

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