Sep 172011

If you are going to Munich (Germany) you must read about the famous Oktoberfest first to know it more. Here, I’ve collected some interesting facts about it:

It’s 200 Year Old Now: Oktoberfest is going to celebrate its 200th anniversary in September 2010.

The Another Name: The local name for Oktoberfest, ‘Wies’n, is derived from Theresienwiese, the name of the field on which the festival is held.

Why is it celebrated?: The first Oktoberfest took place in 1810 in Munich, and it was actually a celebration to honor the wedding of the Bavarian prince Ludwig and princess Therese.

Why does it come in September?: The Oktoberfest begins in September for a very simple reason. In Germany, the evenings and nights can be very cold in October, so to ensure high attendance, authorities decided to move the celebration to the end of September, keeping the name same.

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