Jun 182011

Akshay Oberoi is bollywood superstar Vivek Oberoi’s cousin, but he doesn’t want to be popular as Vivek’s cousin. The handsome dude wants to do man things on his own. Here are some interesting things about him:

iPod: Right now he has got some Bob Dylan, Lil Wayne, Kasabian and Kings of Leon.

Favorite Actor to Go On Date: I don’t know about a date, but I’d have loved to spend some time with James Dean — I want to know how he approached a scene and what he did when he read a script, said Akshay.

Inspirational Force: Sean Penn in I Am Sam. I remember being in the audience and everyone was watching this actor emote in pin-drop silence.

Worst Movie: A short film his friends and he made when they were really young. They had a blast making it, but to date they have no idea what it was about.

Wanna be part of: Rudy, starring Sean Austin where Rudy is an underdog who goes through a range of emotions throughout the script.

What makes Akshay an actor: I don’t think anyone at a young age can define what makes him/her an actor.


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