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The project has been planned as a self-financing project. The revenues would be generated from the sale of proclaimed land. INR1,200 crore (US$217.2 million) project includes walkway development, road development along the river,promenades, garden, construction of 4000 houses under slum rehabilitation, amusement parks, golf courses, water sports park and construction of Kotarpur Weir.

"Gujarat's Ahmedabad River Front"

The development project encompasses both banks of the Sabarmati for a 10.5 kms. stretch, creating approximately 185 hectares of reclaimed land. The Fatewadi Canal is fed by water stored in the Vasna Barrage through releases from the Narmada Canal,  this made it possible to store water in the river for irrigation purposes – enabling a public waterfront.  The project includes water management systems to minimize flooding in traditionally flood-prone areas and to clean up the Sabarmati with new sewage treatment infastructure.  These include providing interceptor sewer lines along both banks of the river to divert sewage to Ahmedabad’s two sewage treatment plants; and building retaining walls which will protect the low-lying areas near the riverbanks from flooding.
A key element of the project is a new linear two-level promenade. The lower promenade with a minimum width of 10 meters, will be just above water level, providing uninterrupted pedestrian access to the water. The upper promenade will host a variety of public buildings, cultural and educational institutions, public parks and plazas and a few areas for commercial development, while new traffic infrastructure will connect the riverfront to the city.
"Gujarat Ahmedabad River Front Projest"
The project aspires to create a unique identity for Ahmedabad by creating a unique skyline for the city. Being a landmark project with far reaching impacts, it is the backbone for rejuvenating inner city neighborhoods adjacent to the riverfront project, thereby spurring future developments within the city.
"Gujarat's Beautiful Ahmedabad River Front"
"Beautiful Ahmedabad River Front"
"Beautiful Development of Ahmedabad River Front, Gujarat"

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