Apr 212012

THE ICBM created by India have shaken up the not only the world but also its giant neighbor.  There are lots of sections in the Chinese society which fear most from the Indian AGNI V. Since it will be covering all of china, Russia, U.K and other neighboring countries of India.

The surface-to-surface Agni-V is capable of striking a target more than 5,000 km away. It is about 17 meter long and two meter wide with launch weight of around 50 tonnes. The sophisticated missile can carry a nuclear warhead of more than one tone.

Du Wenlong, a researcher at China’s PLA Academy of Military Sciences, told the Global Times on Friday. “  The Agni-V actually has the potential to reach targets 8,000 km away, but the Indian government had deliberately downplayed the missile’s capability in order to avoid causing concern to other countries .”

It is now creating a perception in mind of western countries that they also comes under therange of AGNI V thus causing difficulty for India to buy high precision guidance system from them .

Apart from these AGNI V has opened a new era for space defence.

Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/india-downplays-agni-v-missile-range-says-china/1/185384.html

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