Nov 232012

New Delhi, Nov 23 (ANI): China has reportedly depicted Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin as part of its territory in its new passports.

According to media reports, thePhilippines ‘strongly protests’ against China’s move, its foreign affairs ministry spokesman, Raul Hernandez, said. Since, China irked Vietnam and the Philippines as it also included disputed South China SeaIslands on maps printed inside new passports.

“The action of China is contrary to the spirit of the declaration of conduct of parties in the SouthChina Sea,” Hernandez said.

Vietnam ‘s government lodged a formal complaint with the Chinese embassy in Hanoi. (ANI)

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  1. Chinas aggressive nature calls for the sorrounding countries should form an alliance to thwart the claim of super power . it should be removed from UNO,isolation from doing buiseness, it is appropriate time now to curb the menace, othrerwise it would be too late.

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