Jun 182011

Indian trains are still working hard to maintain even its normal standard whereas China has introduce new Bullet Trains which will run at 300kph.

The new bullet trains linking Beijing and Shanghai will cost passengers three to four times more than what India’s Rajdhani costs and run more than three times faster.

Bullet trains will nearly halve the travel time to five hours and would be of two types; one running at 300kph and another at 250kph. The fare will be 1,750 yuan for business class for the 1,300km journey between Beijing and Shanghai for the 300kph train.

Second class seats on the bullet train will cost 550 yuan, the equivalent. ”The fare is much lower at 410 yuan for second class and 650 yuan for first class for trains running at 250kph,” China’s vice minister of railways Hu Yadong said.

Trains moving at 300kph will cover the distance in 4.48 hours. The normal express trains take about 10 hours at present.

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