Jul 302011

Pakistan’s youngest foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar is very angry with Indian media’s response. “I’m here for a peace talk not being called the fashion icon”. said Mrs. Rabbani with her husband Feroze Gulzar.

This very young minister also belongs to a very wealthy Pakistani family. Hina has two daughters Annaya and Dina.  She also owns the Polo Lounge, a popular upscale restaurant located on the Lahore Polo Grounds in Lahore.

Reacting angrily to questions regarding the coverage of her fashion in Indian dailies and TV channels, Khar said, “You see, paparazzi are everywhere. Besides, you (media) should not do such acts.”

"Sexy, Hot, Fashionable Pakistan Foreign Minister  Hina Rabbani Khar"

The last two occasions on which the Indian media focused so much on visiting women dignitaries was when Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni visited India. Independent observers averred that Khar’s stock in Pakistan had risen after her visit.

Not a single media channel focused so much to cover FM-level talks between India and Pakistan – carried a story on the Indian media’s reportage of Khar. “Media coverage of her accessories practically overshadowed the India-Pakistan dialogue,” the Journal said.

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  1. Pak issues demarche to US, applauds Fai’s effort 🙁

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