Sep 242011
QUETTA: Minorities in Pakistan, particularly Hindus, are being looted, raped, kidnapped for ransom, killed and forced to convert to Islam, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s (HRCP).

“Hundreds of Hindus have been forced to accept Islam as a religion over a last couple of years. They are facing the hell of a time these days.”

Many Hindus have now stopped sending their children to school because of a lack of security. Traders, doctors and retailers are being kidnapped or threatened, said the chairman of the HRCP’s Balochistan chapter. He added that the son of a well-known Hindu doctor was recently kidnapped and a Hindu surgeon was kidnapped a month ago. He also said that most victims do not file a criminal case against their abductors out of fear.

The HRCP’s report expressed serious concerns over other human rights matters in the province, such as missing persons turning up as bullet-riddled bodies and incidences of target killing.

Discovery of mutilated bodies of missing persons is on the increase. As many as 188 decomposed bodies have so far been dumped in Balochistan since June 4 last year.

India, which is also called Hindustan, has never been serious about the security of Hindus though we have many strong Hindu organizations yet no one has ever opposed strongly.

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  1. We Hindus are tolerant citizens. That is why India has remained a democratic country while Pakistan become an Islamist country and has remained under turmoil for a large period of times.

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