Dec 022011

Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh on Thursday hinted that Pakistan is the prime supplier of fake Indian currency notes (FICN) in the international black market.

Singh said that based on the quality of the counterfeit notes, the Indian Government was certain that it was the work of a ‘state actor’.

When questioned whether he suspected the Inter-Services Intelligence’s role in the racket, he repeated his reply.

“Looking at the quality of the fake currency of India, we are absolutely certain that it is being supplied by a state actor and not by any non-state actor. This state actor is employing the non-state actors. I wouldn’t take the name of that state actor,” said Singh.

“I have already said that this is the job of a state actor. You can understand what we mean by state actor,” he added.

Singh also commented on Pakistan-based Islamist group, Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD), which had vowed to convert the country into a ‘Taliban state’ and wage jihad (Islamic holy war) against the US and India.

Reacting to these claims, Singh said that India had always looked to Pakistan to tackle and control such volatile groups.

“In Pakistan, there are many elements who are radicalised, who can be termed as ‘Jihadi’. And basically this is not a new thing. They have been saying openly from different platforms that some countries are their biggest enemies and things like that. We look to Pakistan to control these elements and these elements are not allowed to move around freely and whip up any hysteria,” he added.

During his address, Singh also highlighted the achievements made by the Central Government in tackling the threats of militancy on home soil.

“We have achieved successes in left-wing extremism but there is still scope for improvement through better collection of ground level intelligence emanating from the police stations and local police etcetera, so as to result in more operations. Operations we are undertaking, and they are intelligence based operations,” said Singh. (ANI)

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