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Friendliest and Least Friendly Cities

If you’re about to travel or maybe transfer to a different country, you gotta have an idea on the cities that are the friendliest and least friendly in the world.

Friendliest Cities

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

One traveler described Siam Reap citizens as “Kind, calm, and helpful,”. Not only do travelers like this place for it’s great attractions, they also fall in love with the people.

4. Cork, Ireland

Cork is known not only for its verdant hills that bloom with wildflowers, the place is also known for the locals’ courtesy that welcomes visitors with open arms.

3. Dublin, Ireland

Ireland may be a really good place to visit or stay in as Dublin also ranks as having the friendliest locals. This nature of Dublin’s locals is best experienced in Hipster Triangle where locals indulge in ice creams. In Dublin, picnics are a regular thing with people enjoying home made lemonades and Charolais burgers.

2. Charleston, S.C.

The city is famous for their compassion as locals always try to find ways to be more welcoming to everyone. One Charlestonian Miriam McManus said, “the Charleston community showed the country, and the world, their spirit as well … coming together with love and support. We all have a deep respect for one another.”.

1. Galway, Ireland

Galway puts Ireland at the top of the list making the country well known for having the friendliest people. However, it is still Galway that is home to the friendliest people of Ireland and the entire world. In fact, some people call Galway the “most Irish” city.

Least Friendly Cities

5. Los Angeles California

LA may not be too pleasing for travelers as survey has said that this city is home to rude people. One visitor even described the locals as, “Rude, unhelpful people trying to scam you for everything”.

4. Marseille, France

Marseille may be a good laid-back destination, but its relatively poor friendliness score can make it not a good choice for people with sensitive feelings.

3. St Petersburg, Russia

Although visitors are well attracted to St. Petersburg’s beautiful architecture, they may get disappointed when they get an encounter with residents.

2. Atlantic City, N.J.

One traveler has said “It’s [Atlantic City’s] fun-if you like to gamble and don’t mind rude, fast-paced people.”

1. Moscow, Russia

Moscow may perform well when it comes to culture and landmarks, but it slipped down the bottom of the friendliest cities list. People find the people of Moscow as not particularly helpful. The locals’ natural aloofness may have also contributed to the city’s rankings.

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