May 042012

London, May 4: Whelan, a resident in a block of flats in east London complex, has claimed unattended weapons, that is earmarked as a launch site for high-velocity missiles to protect the Olympics, has been left by the UK Army.

The resident, Whelan, had posted a video online that showed crates of rockets and other military equipments piling up to a foot of a tower, which the army plans to use as a surface-to-air missile base.

In the video, Whelan said: “I’m standing in the Bow Quarter at the bottom of the Lexington Tower beside the unguarded military rockets”.

He claimed the equipment was left unattended and that there was ‘not a person in sight’ at the private-gated Bow Quarter complex in east London, The Telegraph reports.

The MoD had earlier sent leaflets to residents of the development warning that soldiers and police will be stationed there during the London 2012 Olympics.

An MoD spokesman said: “The safety of the Games is paramount and working alongside the police, the MoD has conducted a broad range of community engagement in those areas where ground-based air defence may be sited”.

Whelan added that army personnel had arrived on site on Tuesday to test the suitability of the site, but claims there was little or no consultation on the issue, a charge the MoD denies.

“There’s nobody around and there’s military equipment here, crates clearly full of missiles and not a person in sight.”

The Ministry of Defence has, however, claimed that the weapons shown in the video were ‘dummy missiles’ and did not pose any threat, adding that three military personnel were nearby.(ANI)

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