Nov 142011

This can be a reality ! According to the IEAE report submitted in the United Nation Iran now have enough enriched Uranium to make an Nuclear weapons .  The western Countries along with Israel have warned Iran if it doesn’t stop its ambition of obtaining a Nuclear weapon then it will face severe consequenses .

Already facing the severe economic sanctions the Iran has warned the western countries along with the Israel that they will be given proper response if Attacked.

Arab league also fears that it will start a race in the Arab world to acquire nuclear weapons with the Saudi Arabia warning Iran that if it goes nuclear so will they to counter it .  Well the tensions are rising day by day with days passing and no result can be concluded with the earlier talks.  But on the other hand China and Russia are supporting Iran & this has divided the world powers .

Are we going to witness the start of World War 3 ?   Since it already has divided the countries . But if this comes true then be ready to witness the more worse than previous world war


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