Nov 032011

"Indian Army Learning Astrology"

That’s a shocking news for you ! In the present day world, where powerful nations are trying hard day and night to modernize their weapons and army, Indian army is being given the lessons of Astrology and Supernatural powers.

The South Western Command of the Army has made a new start to impart astronomical and astrological learning to its ranks through a four-month training course devised by the Jaipur-based Bhara tiya Prachya Jyotish Shodh Sansthan.

The first batch of “Dharam Gurus” of the Indian Army trained in the secrets of both supernatural and celestial passed out this past weekend.

The Commander of South West Command, Lt. General S.K. Singh, gave away certificates on completion of the course. Addressing the officers and men numbering about 40, Gen. Singh said the ancient science in which our countrymen were well versed could be put to use in the Army.

“While we sort out horoscopes of our sons and daughters to get them settled in a career or marriage, why this knowledge not be put to use in the Army? The Army Chief too recently spoke to me about such a course,” he noted.

Source: The Hindu

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